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May 21, 2009


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Zita - Mlle Magpie

What a beautiful wedding you had, Jeanne. Just beautiful! I love that you wore your mother's dress - precious!


oh jeanne, those a wonderful. your dress is just beautiful. thanks for sharing. we eloped, so i don't have any photos. i don't regret the eloping but i do wish i had more photos from the day.


You were a gorgeous bride! Sounds like the perfect day and how cool that you had it outside! Now I want to go look through mine! Have a great day Jeanne!


beautiful place. i don't think i have ever seen kelly with hair!
sweet photos.

chas at the wild raspberry

what a beautiful fairytale wedding!
absolutely gorgeous! i'd love to see your entire album.


You are a beautiful bride!! It looks like a perfect day. I love the vintage dress and old location of course ~ right up my alley.

Honey Bend Vintage

What a beautiful dress, I love that it was your Mom's! Wonderful outdoor wedding~


wow jeanne~
just beautiful. the problem with all this now is that i want to see more!!!


It's ALL beautiful! Your dress, the setting, all of it! Thanks for sharing!



It was a wonderful day and you are a beautiful bride!! What a sweet beginning for you and Kelly. Loved seeing the photos.


I loved seeing your photos!! What a beautiful outdoor ceremony. siiiiggh! I feel like I was a guest now :)


Gorgeous, I love that you wore your Mother's dress, and the train is amazing..your wedding looks so intimate and perfect. *Sigh* thank you for sharing Jeanne.


Just gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing.


Ohhhh your wedding was beautiful! Love that you wore your moms dress! Everything looked so intimate and perfect. now I want to go look at my pictures! what did we do before digital.... what a pain! :)
thanks for sharing this special day,




jeanne, these are so wonderful. what a gorgeous bride! i'm so glad you shared :)


What a beautiful wedding!
I love your dress!


Hi Jeanne,
These are adorable. I love your wedding dress!


What a beautiful wedding...and the fact that you wore your mother's dress...even more beautiful. I'll have to see if I can get some pics of my wedding to share...I'll let you know.


What a fun post! I loved seeing all these beautiful wedding pics!


How I love outdoor weddings! These shots are so beautiful :) Makes me want to get all my photos out...

Tracie~My Petite Maison

The photos of your family, friends, your dress - well... everything is beautiful. I especially like the picture of you and your Uncle Richard (maybe because I have an Uncle Richard... but think it's because it looks like a very tender moment). Enjoy your weekend and thank you for sharing.


These are beautiful!

You know what I love the most is that they're timeless. This wedding could have been last week, if you hadn't told us any different. You don't have teased hair, blue eyeshadow, and poofy sleeves that scream of a certain era. ;-)

When I planned our wedding, that was my biggest goal - just to make it timeless.


absolutely priceless! It brought tears into my eyes for some reason, i get all sentimental when it comes to wedding memories:) Perhaps because i am a day shy from my own 6th wedding anniversary!!

Firefly Hill

Beautiful, perfect, lovely wedding!!

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