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May 04, 2009


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Zita - Mlle Magpie

Ooooh, I just love your style photos, Jeanne! Beautiful!


Beutiful pics, love them all but my favorite is the dining room with the mismatched chairs. The way you described your style and what you want for your home was really cool! I have the hardest time putting my thoughts into words like that. Have a great day Jeanne! :)


so pretty. i too love the mismatched chairs around the dining room table, i wanted to do that and my family thought i was wacked. they don't get it.


Jeanne! These are so pretty. I think its so fun to see everyone's style choices. and I completely agree with you!! I usually prefer the character in an older house opposed to a new one...

ps is your hubby back home safe and sound yet? then I can tell you what happened to us... ;-)


I love your style. I would come and live with you :)

Chasity Heck

i love your picks jeanne...fabulous style!
my favorite favorite FAVORITE thing was that daybed all surrounded with the sheer canopy.
i could totally melt right there.
thanks for the inspiration. again.
have a wonderful week.
ps come across any pink sandrails?



all of these photos are gorgeous!!
i have to admit, that i tried to do this and got so overwhelmed that it wasn't fun :(
i love that you did it and that you love the home you have while being comfortable enough to dream :)

lorraine lewis

beautiful photo's-I love every one of them, they are very much my style. Funny my husband gives me the same look too.


this is the exact "look" that i am shooting for in my front room...

i am now going to copy and paste the pictures into my design ideas folder...

thank you for sharing them...

i love love love looking at your blog!!



The picture with the kitchen table is what i want!!! luv!!! You described your style perfectly! I was nodding my head while reading it... comfortable,lived in, decorated and full of love... is what I strive for too! great photos! all perfect.

Brandie Pahl

I am so with you on this one. I love a beautiful worn in, lived in house. I want the kids and guests to feel comfortable, not worried that they will mess something up. Gorgeous photos, I might just have to use some of the ideas I'm seeing here;)

Jill Adkins

LOVE all the pictures!!! My style exactly!! and the feeling I hope that's felt in my home!


Morning Jeanne, you described your style perfectly, and I agree with everything you said...everything! love all the photos you chose as well...! Thanks for playing sweet friend.


what a fun idea! loved seeing a variety of images of home that you enjoy!


Beautiful Style Jeanne, I love the mix of textures. Jamie

Me, Myself, I

Wow! I just love your style!
So welcoming and beautiful!


I want the first photo for my home.
Happy B-day Jeanne!!
I will call you later


Love it all! I was smiling because a few of those very pictures you have posted, I tore out and saved from magazines myself!
I think you do a very good job expressing your style and it shows! Love visiting your blog!

Smiles, Nancy

Amy Muffoletto

Those photos are gorgeous. I love the bed on the old doors. I think I am still trying to find my style....I love these photos...so fresh and clean with a little history mixed in. Thanks for sharing.



Every single picture.


Your collection of photos are beautiful! I loved your post :) We share a lot of design likes - and I completely feel the same way about working on the home with the husband...we enjoy doing this together.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

I love this style too although none of my rooms look like this-I wish they did-lol.

Beautiful, dreamy photos.


Love your pictures and your style. I could easily have one of those gorgeous rooms in my house. Thanks so much for sharing.


Love the selection of pics .... so love this look, half chic, half worn .... real in other words!
Also wanted to add that I love your site/ blog..... love your "stories", your products, the music, the layout....so inspiring that I make sure I visit it as often as I can.


i love your choices! i'd be happy to have any of those rooms! lots of inspiration there, thanks!! hope all is well, thanks for visiting :)

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