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May 20, 2009


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Elaine Power

oh what gorgeous photoes,love the pews in the garden how cute. I also has a small wedding very small infact none of my family were there, how sad is that :( (long story). These photeos just so make me want to have a blessing with all the family being there this time, maybe one day!!
I must get my photoes out now & scan them into my computer.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

What a lovely little country wedding, Jeanne. Such beautiful little soulful touches. Love it!


Oh, so lovely. That's my kind of wedding: so much whimsy and handmade delights. Thanks for sharing. :)


I am swooning and drooling. I love design sponge. It is the best. And I have wedding on the brain right now. Thanks.


Gorgeous!!! Makes me want to do it again! I can't wait to see your wedding pics, how fun!!! Maybe I will show mine too! Have a great day!

chas at the wild raspberry

love the ribbon adorned chair and the pews!
{my next post is the big 1-0-0 so i'll have to share wedding photos another time}


oh goodness....those are indeed some of the most gorgeous wedding images i've ever seen. i'm with you....intimate gathering big on details. i loved the silhouette and the hanging lanterns/candles
just beautiful

A pocket full of posies...

Oh MY GOODNESS!!! I'M getting married again (to my husband!)- I want THAT wedding!!!- maybe I'll just file away the ideas for my children's weddings!
Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!


OHHH MYYYY. That wedding makes me want to renew my vows even MORE!!
I never had the wedding that I wanted--which is why I ended up eloping--I saw it unfolding beyond my dream.
Although it wasn't perfect, we've already planned to renew at some point.
THIS is what we MUST do!!!
(**I'll share photos**)


what a great idea--sharing wedding photos! so fun and sweet! would love to learn more about the "doodling" card!!=)


very cool. looks like a wedding thrown by anthropologie! i like the idea of posting wedding pics. i would need to take pics of my pics because they are all in prints-only. thinking about it. my anniversary is coming up. maybe i'll post some then: 5/27. thanks for the fun idea and sorry for this very stream-of-consciousness ramble! LOL


Sandra Boothman

OH how absolutely beautiful! I think I want to get married all over again and have a wedding like that! (and I have been married for 32 years in August) Just amazingly beautiful with all the details! (I am a detail person)

I am glad you hopped on over to my blog because I had lost your blog addy in our computer blitz a while ago.
Have a wonderful day!


So beautiful..wow. The little details are amazing! I can't wait to see your wedding photos, I love a good wedding and love drooling over the photos too! thank you for sharing so sweet...oh and uhm...no wedding photos for me to post...that would be odd! :) XO


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday!! I love your blog and just signed on to follow. I"m off to check out the site you referred to! thanks!


Andrea Villarreal

Oh my gosh I love it. Makes me wish we could all have like 3 weddings. To the same man of course;) just to fit with the times. I look back at my wedding pictures from 1991 and think oh my........There is always my 25th wedding anniversary right:)


Wow oh wow. . .absolutely gorgeous. . .


So cool! Thank you for sharing the link,I love all the photos. Off to have a look.


These images are beautiful....i have visited that blog before...it is full of inspiration....oh to dream....details details details....


Oh my i just told my hubby I want to get married again... to him of course!! :) what a beautiful wedding! I love the idea of sharing wedding photos. My wedding was tiny 70 guests and only 20 of the guest where on my side of the family and I loved it. thanks of sharing the link,


Love your blog!


it's an amazing blog, i love it!

Brandie Pahl

I am not only swooning but planning too. Perhaps a little vow renewal is in order for me. This is definitley getting book marked for further inspection and planning purposes;)

sarah keith

I'm SWOONING! How can I get my whole house to look like that wedding!

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