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May 26, 2009


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Ruffles Rule....i am such a fan...love made by hank...i have always wanted one of her bags!! Thanks for sharing ...girlie girls do have more fun!!!!


Where do you find these beautiful pieces? Enjoy your visit with your parents & Chicago. I am sure you've done this a million times but if not humor me, I "tagged" you.


you do realize girlie is my middle name?!
see you in ONE HOUR!!


Isn't it great being a girl?! A boy could never get away with wearing stuff like this and it's so delightful!

Lula Boutique

Oh I know exactly what you mean!! I too adore all of these luxuries! :)

What a fabulous blog! Love your shop too!

Molly @ Star Cottage

I love girly romantic and feminine clothing. I am so glad God made me a girl and not a boy. haha that sounds funny but it's true. ;) Thanks for sharing all the lovelyness.


your blog is amazing!
i found it through the mezzanine.

i love everything ruffles you have posted here. gorgeous!

so glad i found your very inspiring blog.

Peanut Petunia

love, love, love ruffles!!

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