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March 27, 2009


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count me in!!

chas at the wild raspberry

that is incredibly awesome!! i am so happy for you. really and truly happy.
yes, her things are inspiring-i've checked out several of her books and love them.
you are an inspiration to me! i mean it.
have a great weekend jeanne.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

I love French General too (my husband takes little orders from me when he's on business in L.A.) It looks and sounds like the trip of a lifetime, Jeanne! Just amazing! Absolutely, you must go! BTW, good husband you have there. Can I live vicariously through you?!! I would SO love to go on that trip, but with my life-threatening food allergy, it's very difficult for me to go on trips like that, hence our farmhouse (however, I did get to live in Paris for three years before the allergy developed, so it's not so bad).


oh my gosh, how awesome would that be?? I cannot imagine doing something like that, but you would be so creatively FULL when you got back!!!

The flight would make me chicken out, but oh my gosh... how FUN!!! Jealous.


I love French General too!! She's is amazing and inspiring - I love to just sit and look at those lovely books and feel happy! I looked at that trip too and in LA this last weekend someone was saying it was all booked. It is a dream trip - completely!! I would LOVE it!! What a sweetie of a husband you have - it makes all the difference when they "get" you and are supportive!!


i am soooo excited for you!!!


oh my gosh jeanne - i have goosebumps. how wonderful for you. my fingers are crossed for you. how perfect. what a sweet husband to realize that this trip is you!! i hope you get to go.

The Beautiful Life

Did you say there is a fall trip, too? That one sounds even more heavenly! Think of the crisp air, the changing leaves, sipping hot cafe au lait! (are you feeling better about maybe having to wait?). :)

If there is a fall version of the trip -- I just might start saving for it!

You are so sweet, Jeanne. Your reaction to this trip sounds so much like mine when I walked into The Paris Market in Savannah. I saw everything I love embodied in one space. Overwhelming.

Keep us all posted!


Tricia Whisler

How exciting!!!! You will have so much fun! Have a great weekend!

Janet Doherty

I have been begging my husband to go on that trip....I emailed her as well a few weeks ago...If a fall trip comes along count me in...we were also wondering if we could plan our own??? Just a thought?? It sounds like the time of my life too. I am with you on the Oprah and Martha thing, too commercial for me.
Let me know your thoughts....I really really want to go!


i would love love to go france, a girls dream come true , and Kaari always knows how to find the best vintage treasures !!! i went to her store french general in october - her store is amazing - i went CRAZY to say the least there she has the most amazing vintage finds , i have begun using them in my jewelry although i would rather just hoard them - LOL - anyways its guaranteed to be fantastic !!


How lovely - thank you for sharing your special resource! I am so happy you get to go to France - very exciting!


oh my jeanne!!!
that is just incredible
yeah for you!!!

beautiful post too
signed....another non-oprah watcher, wink!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

Thank you Jeanne for stopping by to see me! I just loved this story of you trying to go on this French trip & I so hope it works out for you. I've been to France & it is a wonderful place, as is Italy. Really hope it works out. Your blog is so pretty, btw! Hope you'll come back to see me again.

Honey Bend Vintage

I too love Kaari. It is heaven to sit and flip through her books and dream~ I hope you make the trip!


I love your blog it is so pretty and I am going to have to check on French General. Thanks for visiting me too!


What a beautiful blog you have! I'm so glad to have found you - you have impeccable taste!! It sounds like a wonderful trip - expect a detailed report!

Andrea Singarella

It sounds like your husband is a gem. I hope it all works out beautifully for you and you are able to go! You deserve it. I'll be living through you that week! Sounds like an amazing trip!


Girl, you must find a way to go!! Your husband is awsome to support you in this!...if you do go please take lots and lots of photos and document so we can live through your adventures! looks like some of the girls above feel the same way about this trip, how fun would it be to meet some of them in France!! fingers crossed for you...


I couldn't agree more with your Oprah, Martha comments....!! We are such kindred spirits...LOVE the bag!!! :) xo


P.S. I spent 6 weeks in the south of france when I graduated college....unfortunately it was before I was into 'treasures'. However - it is one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES ON EARTH. I am so jealous - and will pray that you make it there....!!! xoxo


I have that book too. It's one of my favorites for a quick pick me up.

kara & darcy

AND did you know she is coming out with fabric soon! We have been devotees of hers for a long time. Her store is a lovely place to visit. We did well with her things in our shop. She is talented and I agree with you. LOVed this post.
k & d too


I am so happy there will be a fall trip for you! What a BLAST!

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