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February 11, 2009


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Wow...this has been such an amazing year for you...and your family.
You truly are so blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful group of people. That is why you are so sweet yourself.
You are blessed but so are those around you. You are an inspiration to me. The way you find a way to balance all the things you love is a great thing to watch. I can't wait to see what the next 365 days brings.
Thank you for being so creative. Because of you I have items in my home that bring me so much warmth in my home. YOU have helped me do that. THANK YOU!!
I am tipping my delicious cup of coffee right now..to you Jeanne~


oh yes, please count me in {i never win anything}!
Oh, and in the pics above, i wish you would have told the story on how you got your picture taken with Amy;)
Love you. Love your family. Love our friendship.
here's to another great year!

madolyn griffin

We are so happy for you to be at this benchmark in your creative venture! Congratulations on how well your business is flourishing! You create so beautifully- not just lovely items, but expressive ideas, memorable moments, and especially living, loving reationships. Thank you for giving of yourself through all you create! PS. Your dad wants to know how many cigar boxes you need:) We love you.


There is just nothing like family! They are so blessed to have you in their lives... as are all of us bloggers! Just keep on doing what you do, cause its amazing and I believe you must be doing what God has placed in your heart.
Keep up the good work Jeanne!


i see #3 revealed herself!=) what an amazing year it has been in so many ways. it was great hearing more about what has blessed you. i agree with maisy's comment about the warmth your creations add to a home. how cool to be apart of that!

Amy Jo Axe

Congrats! Your work is beautiful, but most of all it is great the way it makes you feel to create. Happy anniversary.


Oh my goodness, what a great giveaway!! :) How fun, Jeanne, and congratulations on your success. I am with you... I have to create in some form or another every day. If I don't, I'm just not a nice person to be around.

I do it for me, but also because it makes me better. I wish everyone knew it was okay to be creative. :)

Teresa McFayden

Fabulous wares in your Etsy shop! I know how exciting this adventure with your creations must be for you...such a happy time. Congrats on your milestone!


congrats on your anniversary! thank you for stopping by my blog. i love a good giveaway too! congrats on a great year! hugs

chas at the wild raspberry

{well, i tried to leave a comment this morning but i guess i failed--it was EARLY!}
i wanted to say first and foremost, congratulations on your first year of business. i hope that i can look back next year and say that i am glad that i put myself out there and was rewarded. you are such an inspiration to me!
i also wanted to say, put me in this rhino-big drawing of yours. how exciting it is.
here is to another great year!

chas at the wild raspberry

oh and put me in twice pretty please. i'll have you on my blog for sure.


What an inspiring story! I love reading about people like you, real people with family and running a business. Ok this might have given me an idea to my next Featured Artist Series...
Count me in! I love everything you do...and oh my Anthropologie is on the very top of my list right now.


hi jeanne !!! as i was reading this i couldn't help but say this is me !! we share soo much in common and I feel the same way too , we are soo lucky to have such support and get to do what we love too ! i feel so very blessed and I am so glad we got to meet this year at heathers event - can't wait to see you again in June !! anyways , of course i would LOVE to win your giveaway - congrats and heres to another wonderful year !!!
big hugs,


Jeanne, I loved this post. Sometimes we forget to thank those who have supported us through the days, in and out...but you have just given all those people a treat with this post. congratulations on your one year of business and all the success you have acheived. Balancing all that you do daily is not easy, but you seem to do it with ease. Thanks for sharing your story. I can't wait to see what you create in the next year to come and I also hope our "friendship" grows too...! :) I will post about your giveaway on my blog tomorrow.
Cheers to another year of "goodness"!
P.S. love the photo collage above!!


congratulations on your great year! thanks for sending me your way. what a generous giveaway!



what a precious post jeanne & i love the mosaic of the photos especially.
when i first stumbled upon you & kasey's blog ( on the same day) i was so tickled. i love your style & your tender and fun spirit.
happy one year doing what you love!!


Regarding how I got my picture with Amy Butler...some stories should stay private! Lets just say she might have a restraining order on me...just kidding...maybe not!


Congratulations on this very special day! It takes such courage and tenacity to start a business and put yourself out there. As you know I recently exhibited at the S.F. Gift Show where I was surrounded by people (mainly women) who were putting themselves out there. I was overcome with hope by the courage and tenacity these wonderful people displayed. None of us would be where we are without the support of our "family", including those in blogland. Thank you, Jeanne, for YOUR support, for the inspiration your stories and art provide, and for paving a path for other creative, brave souls to follow. Bravo my darling! Here's to a MAGNIFICENT 2009! XOXXOO


Way to go. Keep the success coming and don't slow down.

Do you think Anthro has stuff in my size (in case I win)?

~ your hubby ;-)


Thank you sooo much for inviting me over to your blog! I loved reading your story of your year anniversary. Congrats! I'm very happy for you! You make wonderful things!
I've enjoyed reading through some of your posts, too. You have a beautiful home and blog. I'll be back again!


Oh my! Thanks for inviting me over and stopping by!!! What a great giveaway! I'm off to check out your shop!


I found your blog thru my friend Megan at Penny Carnival... can't wait to explore and get to know you and your creations! :) Happy One Year Anniversary to you!



Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, leaving a sweet comment and inviting me over to your most incredible give-away. I would love to be included and I hope you will come back to The Vintage Nest on Saturday, 2/14/09, as I too will be having my 200th post give-away. A great big pink diamond. ~ Miles of Smiles ~ Lynn


Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I recently came upon your blog and LOVE all the fun creations in your Etsy shop. I can't wait to start shopping!

Glamarella Junk-Sherry

Hi!!! Thanks for the invite!!!!
Bravo to you!!!
I'm adding you to my "Fav's."

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