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January 29, 2009


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God bless America! Let me add a #26: As children, there were many a laughs, listening to you talk for people who were out of earshot range.


#27 with each child you have had you have grown more warm and beautiful as a person.

Amy Jo Axe

I love it! I think that I knew it all except for Botox. Really?


I love it... those were great! I feel like I know you even better now!

Reese & Marie

How insightful and honest. I love your stories of your Mom and your tortured healthy childhood - hee! I also can completely relate to #18. One of my daily anxieties... probably more than is healthy. I'm working on it. Glad to see it's universal.


lovely to know a bit more.....;)

Chasity Heck

I was smiling and laughing the whole list through!
Give your kids a piece of candy today. Someone will undoubtedly show up at your door with a "Mother Of The Year" award for you. Or maybe you can just have the kiddos make you one!!
Have a great weekend.


jeanne, i think you have just given the best random list that i have read. very good, random, and interesting. those are really kind of hard to do. #2 made me laugh out loud. i can really relate to #8. my husband and i were married within a year after we started dating. and concerning #13 and 14. i have a friend that used to get the same kind of migranes and gave up eggs and doesn't have them anymore. not sure the correlation. have a great day!!!


Some of these (especially #1!) made me howl with laughter. You are too funny! I loved reading all of them - thanks so much for sharing these little known facts about yourself.


Jeanne, in all fairness you were given sweets when you were a child; they usually included carob, honey, or coconut, lots of coconut:) Love you!


Laughing this hard at work draws attention to me, but I really don't care, you are funny! :) Those are some great stories...ahh childhood what we have learned and a good excuse as to why we may have some strange issues!

thanks for sharing!


yeah, but can you square dance?! hee hee hee. Remember that?!


Just when you think you know someone...loved to learn more about you. You are so funny, Jeanne. I laughed out loud...yes, I know and made a scene!

Eileen @ Star's Fault

Wonderful! I got tagged too, but wasn't brave enough to do a list. Now I'm rethinking, and loved your list!

Blessings ~ eileen @ Star's Fault


I LOVED the things you picked to tell us.
You must have gotten your humor from your dad.
A GRANOLA BAR!!!!! That is just mean :)
Thanks for sharing your life with us~


just me again, had to go thru and re-read your list;)
luv ya.

Megan E. Bauer

How did I miss this post? So, so funny. Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had a horrible upbringing :)

Carlie Leach

I know the Facebook "tag", I caved to it myself. Those were great and hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

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