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January 04, 2011


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makes sense, jeanne. great and attractive idea!


love the postcard!! beautiful! oxoxo


Your new cards are so cute! I just created some new postcard size business cards as well...I agree with what you said about them being harder to misplace than a regular size business card. Can't wait to see your website!!


Presentation is everything...and you definitely know what you are doing! Sean and I were just discussing the postcard idea today in regards to marketing.


Good post. I like to read your posts. well written. thank you.

Alicia @ La Famille

thanks for the post jeanne...i love this "series"...it's so great for newbies to the etsy world like i am! :) have a great day!

Alicia @ La Famille

oh, and PS: i would love to know what your typical day looks like...one of my biggest struggles with my business so far is scheduling. i also homeschool, and love that...but when do you fit in designing new products? filling orders? etc?? i'm sure we face some of the same dilemas with homeschooling and kids x3!! thanks, jeanne! :)

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Brilliant idea, Jeanne. Love your card and can't wait to see your new website design.

Amanda asweetliferocks

Thank you for being so generous with the knowledge you have gained. So kind. Great tip. Gorgeous postcard, just like everything else you make.

Leah C

Oh I'm so excited...can't wait to see what you & Sara are up to:)


What a wonderful idea to use postcards as business cards. I use Moo business cards and they get a positive reaction too because I select photos from my blog as the front picture. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary ideas :)


Love, Love, LOVE your business card! It's unique, classic, and gorgeous! I'm sending Deana over for an idea peek!

Happy day to you,



i can tell i'm going to love "shop talk". i am going to start ramping it up here in the next few months. i would love to pick your brain sometime soon. maybe we could meet for ricos takeout in my wood butcher shop {and by the way i can't believe you know that place. do you really? what's your favorite?}. have a great day!


I could have passed out dozens of your business cards, even some today!, for all the complements I get on my camera bag/purse. I LOVE it! I'm always happy to share.
If you send business cards out to customers to pass out for you, send some my way. I'd be happy to help promote your shop. :)

anne marie

Can't wait to see what she does for you....

I'm so excited about May with you Jeanne...I feel honored you'll be gracing us with your new spring items at the sale....


That Sara....simply amazingly talented. I love the "postcard" business card. Gorgeous and practical. And so you..... Cant wait to get one with my next order ;)


i love that you get double use as a thank you note. i've toyed around with the idea of a postcard ever since seeing a gorgey one by a photog friend some six years back, but i've never been certain how much use i'd get out of them. thanks for sharing your experience--your cards are delightful.


Are you going to be making any of your beautiful ruffle purses again soon???


those are beautiful Jeanne. I think they're so worth the investment. They give a better idea of your talent than the old ones.

Courtney Walsh

I'd like you to know that I handed out THREE of your postcards just today. Good thing I swiped so many when I was at your house. lol

Shanon Gallegos

I loved seeing your card you pass out! It makes me want to start my own Etsy shop (not quite) :) I always love to see what you come up with!


oooooo and I just ordered one of your prints!! can't wait to hold one of these beauties in my hand!! (and the print, too!!)

I actually sent my postcards out to my Christmas list (200 people) to announce my store when I opened it last June. The leftovers I used on my tables at all of my holiday craft shows. I adore postcards!!

Can't wait to see whatever shop talk you have!! thanks for the wonderful inspiration, as usual!! :)


What a pretty postcard...good idea Jeanne. I can't wait to see your new website, I'm sure it will be beautiful :)


So true Jeanne! My daughter was always my best advertisement with my clothing line. I was always getting stopped by people wondering where I got her clothes. Now that I am working more on photography I am trying to come up with an equally effective way of getting the word out.

Taryn Duncan

Thanks for reminding me about this... with you being such a great source! I have been wanting to do a postcard and so yours definitely inspired me! it IS a great idea and can show more of what we do. By the way, I love your music on here... it always sends me to iTunes and I spend way too much being led in other directions from what I purchased of YOUR stuff : )

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