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June 23, 2010


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Your pictures turned out beautiful. Those are some pretty adorable kids! I have a daughter who will never have a sister either, so I know what you mean about missing out on some wonderful moments. It is a little sad...especially when I think about my own sister who is my very best friend :)


love you, too, jeanne! you really have got a way with the camera.=) so thankful, too, that we are close and our children are growing up together!

C. Rayevich

what beautiful photos!!

Lindsay Lee

This is so sweet. I have a younger sister so this hit close to home! Sisters are special. :)


Love the sister pictures! I don't have a sister...I am an only child, which is a whole different ball game for good and bad reasons. But, I am so thankful the girls have each other...I can't image them not having each other and that special sister bond. I have some very dear girlfriends that are like my sisters...thank goodness for them!

Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

I grew up (basically) as an only child...my father remarried when I was a pre-teen and I have 2 half-sisters from him. I've never lived in the same city as them for longer than a year, but I have so many fun memories with them. They are quite a bit younger than me (one is 23 and one is 19). I am actually closer to the 19-year-old, she reminds me alot of myself at that age sometimes...always with her head in the clouds and full of dreams, some realistic, some not. Anyway, I get to see them on Sunday night when we go to visit our family in TN! I can't wait!!! Great photos by the way!

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

Beautiful family/pictures, Jeanne! What a blessing. I grew up with 2 older brothers, but have been blessed with best friend-"sisters" my entire life! Yesterday, was my bff Jenny's birthday, she is a mother of 4, with 2 sisters of her own...and her mom is actually one of my mom's best friends. They are family to us and we laughed...and took silly pictures...and snuggled with the baby, who decided that yesterday was the perfect day to perfect and repeatedly say, "Mama!" for the first time! What a gift!

God is so good!

: )

Julie M.


How funny perspective can be. I have no daughters. My mother, my sister and I are so close and while I was pregnant for my last child I wondered how sad I might be if I never had a daughter. When they placed my baby boy in my arms all that washed away and I can honestly say that I have never looked back. All relationships are individual and unique to one another ... no two exactly alike. Your dear little girl may not know what it's like to have a sister, but she knows what it's like to have brothers and cousins. These relationships will give her what she needs on her journey. We are all blessed with what we need.


My story sounds very similar to you . . . I have a sister and brother and also experienced a difficult time with my sister where we didn't talk for the longest time. I'm happy to say that that time passed and now we feeling so much closer despite living in separate countries. I am thankful for my sister and all that we share.


I LOVE this post! I do have a sister and I am so thankful that I do! I would have chosen her! (I just did a post about her too) God has also blessed me with some sister friends.

Here is what I know- Your nieces will be like your daughter's sisters, especially since you live near each other. What a blessing! My sis and I live three hours apart, but our kids are like siblings. I think it depends on the mom's relationship.

Anyway- what Beautiful girls!!! And amazing pictures. Wow!

Have fun with all of those little ones and with your sister!!!


I do not have a sister ~ just a little brother. I have so many sisters in my life now from my "best girl" ~ my cousin Gina to girlfriends that I could call in a moments notice with good or bad news. I think because you live so close and because they are already close ~ her cousins will be like sisters. Beautiful pics and post Jeanne.


I am blessed to have a sister. We are 11 years apart, but now that she is 20 and almost out of college, it seems that we are meeting age wise. I adore her and have so much fun with her, maybe being a little less mature ;o
your photos are so great... those girls are precious!!

Rachel from A Cupcake For Moose

Beautiful post and stunning photographs!


Jeanne, these photos are beautiful! I am so thankful that you and Amy live close enough to spend time together. And it is an added blessing that your precious children will grow up knowing each other well. What fun times now and great memories they will have!!

Mosaic Magpie

No sister to call my own, but now sweet sisters-in-law. Lovely photos.

Flower Patch Farmgirl

My relationship with my sister sounds much like yours. She is 5 years younger, so it took us a while to really connect - and to appreciate those inevitable differences. And now that we do - she lives in Africa!


jeanne, this photos are GORGEOUS!!
noon? i can't believe how fantastic they turned out. the first one, wow.
what beautiful children too.

i love your words about sisters.
my middle two bicker all day every day
& i mean every day
i pray they grow up and all their differences bring them together too

beauitful post my friend


Amy Jo Axe

Lovely post! I enjoyed your sweet words.

Courtney Walsh

aw, jeanne, what sweet photos! Amy looks just like I remember her--beautiful! :) I am also sad that Sophia will never have that close sister and sadly, my sister is all the way in Georgia, but I know what you mean about that relationship. It's so special!

:) Beautiful pics...especially for a noon-time shoot! :)


Beautiful photos -- your sister's kids are gorgeous!

Funny -- I have a Madeline (Maddy) who is the only girl in our family and my sister is Amy! I always hope that Maddy and Amy's daughter, Grace, are able to feel like sisters too as it is so special!

Have a great day.



What a sweet post! A sister is one of the most beautiful things that I have been given in life. I too have one daughter and one son, and I am learning the beauty between a brother and a sister. I love what you have written about family and connections. And your pictures are amazing!
Happy summer!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

I was overjoyed when I found out I was going to have two girls. I grew up with two very older brothers and always felt a tad jealous of those with that special sister bond. Lucky you.

Those are some gorgeous little girls! You just keep getting better and better with your photography. I am seriously impressed friend.


I tried to comment last night, but now I don't see it...probably forgot the last step or something(probably the glass of wine I had!), anyhoo...
I LOVE this post, it really touched me. I have a sister who I just adore. I still remember the day she was born, I was just 4, but I could not wait to play with her! Growing up, we hardly ever fought, I couldn't bare it, I loved her so much. Now as adults, our relationship has had it's ups and downs too, we so VERY different, but she still means the world to me. She now has two beautiful little girls that I am crazy about. Whenever my two girls fight w/ each other, I remind them how lucky they are to have each other and how much I cherish my sister.
I think you are so lucky to live close to your sis and those beautiful little nieces of yours. Your daughter will still have the benefit of "sisters" with her girl cousins, so I don't think you should worry at all...enjoy how close they are to you, my sis and nieces are 7+ hours away :( I miss them so much!
Thank you once again for your inspiration and comforting words.


What you wrote about your sister being older had me thinking of my daughter she seems to have to travel her road first, solo, where i see her 2 other sisters closer in age, share a room huddle together and watch big sister do the growing up, She always tells me she wishes for an older sister.... sweet sweet post, I love that your children get to spend so much time together and will have an amazing bond.. cousins!!!!


gorgey progey photos!! wow wee...no sister and no brother (really), so friends make up the difference!! Glad you have your sister and her children and they are so close to you!

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