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June 29, 2010


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That was AWESOME and your husbands smile was absolutely brilliant and beautiful!


I love that you and the kids planned this for Kelly. I know he loves you all so much and must have been truly blessed that you gave up your night to welcome him home royally:)


this is SUCH a sweet post!!!! it made me smile REALLY big for you guys!!! :)


In the last photo, I just can't get over your husband's smile. This phot is simply stunning. Pure love and happiness. Love it!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

this is just beautiful!!

Suz Reaney

That is the sweetest story, Jeanne. I can just see the love on his face. He is radiant. There is really nothing more special than to be "held" in a loving family, is there?

Lindsay Lee

This is so sweet! Love this post :)


that is the best - and what a gorgeous family you have my friend...


So sweet! Great pics too. You can see how happy everyone is!


What a sweet surprise you planned!! It's those free gifts of love that are truly the best.
Love the moment you captured :D

Rachel from A Cupcake For Moose

Perfect! I can't get over his expression. What a perfect Friday night!


The best kind of surprise ever are the little ones (that really are the big ones) because they come straight from the heart. The smile on your husbands face says it all ... he is smiling from his heart.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

I always find airports so emotional and often find myself crying as I watch people reunited with one another while waiting for my own loved ones to appear. Kids with signs for their loved ones are a sure tear jerker for me and I watered up just reading this post. Beautiful. :0)


Kelly's smile says it all ~ well worth it for sure. There is nothing better than getting off the plane and seeing a loved one waiting for you ~ makes my heart sing. Airports always make me cry ~ it is an emotional place for sure.


His smile does say it all!!! What a great idea for you and the kids!!!!

Our airport is about an hour away too...and what a great idea
although it seems when mine travels his plane doesn't arrive to midnight or later so a great thing to do maybe if he ever has an earlier flight

i love that you did this post Jeanne!!!


That makes me smile! Oh, and I love the airport for some reason...LOVE it! I wish we could go pass the check points still, but we can't. I have always loved going to the airport, it is a fun place and I dream of my next vacation.

love that you did this, what a great mom and wife you are!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Sweet! Kelly has an amazing smile - so worth all of your trouble, Jeanne :)


you are such a fun mama
they look completely excited & delighted
i love kelly's expression
ya'll are each entirely too cute
ps--i'm betting they'll be waiting for YOu at the airport next time you come home xo

Sarah/Brown Dog Studio

That is such a beautiful display of family LOVE... I have happy tears and think I should do that for my husband the next time he travels!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Precious!!! Love this post Jeanne. That look on his face was simply priceless. I bet he really appreciated it with all his heart.


I should do this sometime too! He looks so happy


You should! He travels so much that I think he would really appreciate it...and you guys arent too far from the airport. He is also a sweet, sweet daddy and husband and I know he would LOVE it!

To: jeanneoli@hotmail.com


What a SPECIAL treat!! I love love LOVE that you did this. It actually makes me want to get the munchkin out to just wait in the driveaway for daddy to come home from his regular day. :) I love this, you are so great!


What a wonderful surprise, I travel here and there for work and always think it is so fun to watch the families meeting each other again...last time I traveled the boys picked me up at the airport and to just see the smiling face of my wee one in the back seat was a REAL treat...even at 9:45pm, and then we proceeded to go to In'n out! :) love those spontaneous nights!


That is so sweet! You have the cutest family and your hub's big smiles show how much it meant to him.


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