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March 22, 2010


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Congratulations! You deserve it, you're things are beautiful.

beth gales

Congratulations! I can't wait to check out the magazine. Kudos to you for all your creations!


Congratulations and SO well- deserved!!!! You are such a talented lady!

I am so excited that Spring is here so I can carry my Ruffled Tote EVERYWHERE!!! I love it. Love it. Love it.. DID I mention that already?;-)

Have a wonderful week!


Yea for you!

I'm partial to Lulu... that's the nickname I gave my first grandbaby to be! :)

Have a wonderful week,



Congrats! That is really great!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama

You are as amazing as I think you are. :) And I think you're pretty darn amazing!!


That is sooooo cool!! You know I ADORE your purses and can't wait to see what you have for your new collection!!!!! Congrats Jeanne!!!

Jen R sanctuary art

Congrats Jeanne! I am sooo happy for you!!!!! You deserve it!!!!


congrats jeanne...
that bag is adorable.



Oh, Wow! How thrilling.
I have an apron in the current Apronology... now that was a thrill for me.
Congrats! I will for sure go check it out!

Courtney Walsh

I've been wondering what the article was!! go you! I can't wait to see it! :)

The Beautiful Life

Yay, you!!! :)

You are living a fairytale, girly! Enjoy every SECOND OF IT! :)




Congratulations! That is so exciting and well deserved for you. I love your bags and the badge. Kris

Dore Callaway

Hello Jeanne,
A well deserved honor!!
Your hard work and poetic writings are from the heart, I am sure all your readers and followers agree.

I mentioned you in my blog :)


Congrats! That's exciting!


I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! I'm so PROUD of you!!! :) YEEEEE!! Seriously!! SO excited!! :) CONGRATULATIONS!!


awesome jeanne!!
you are a rockstar baby!
& i'm so thrilled to be a bushel&apeck ruffled tote owner, that's for sure!

be a fan on fb maybe?


Congratulations! You are very talented and deserve it!


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NOT shameless at all! You should be proud! =) it is encouraging for others to see that fun things happen to crafty mom's!! =)

Have you ever made a placemat purse?? They are sooo cute! great for carrying a bible in or books! Great teacher gifts too! I might be able to post one soon!! =) if I get on the ball!


Congrats to you - that is beyond amazing! It's a beautiful bag. It was also included in todays etsy email - recognized it right away.

Amy Jo Axe

That is awesome! I can't wait to see it in print!


How exciting, love the purse! Just new to your blog so I am of to check out your shop!


Congrats to you! You make such lovely bags! :)


the domestic fringe

Congrats on being featured in the magazine! I think that's fabulous. Your purse is really cute too.


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