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November 05, 2009


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Teresa Sheeley

Belles illustrations!!! :)



Oh, Jeanne - your art is BEAUTIFUL!! I truly love all those pieces!! Have a great time this weekend - I've heard Wicked is amazing! I'm hoping we can go to Napa this weekend!


Ah. I LOVE these pieces, Jeanne. Your time at camp has served you well. These are simply beautiful.


Beautiful Creations Jeanne, I hope you have a Wonderful Time at Silver Bella. I have lots of friends that will be there, I will send them your way for Vendor Night. I hope you sell lots and lots of Goodies too. Jamie


Have a great weekend! I love your brave girl creation as well as the las tone!

Faloola jones

You are amazing and beautiful, you should model.


Everything just looks so beautiful!!! WOW...wish I could go to see it all:)


LOVE your new creations!!!! I am sure you will sell tons! And I love my from I bought from you a few months back, and the packaging was fab!!! I had to take pictures of it before I opened it! It will be on my blog soon! I am just a little behind. Have a wonderful weekend! My Holiday Open House began today through Saturday, that's my weekend! :)


Wonderful - but I wouldn't expect anything less from you, Jeanne!

Have a great time visiting with your friend. You will LOVE Wicked - it's so much fun. Make sure you buy a "Defy Gravity" t-shirt :)

tattered goods

Ooh! I am loving the artwork... super beautiful and creative. I hope life has been treating you and your family well. I hope your Friday is full of happiness :(


Lemonade Makin' Mama

I keep hearing about Wicked!! I think I need to read the book. Have a great time girl! Eat lots of yummy things for me... I'm going to try to resist the Halloween candy that knows me by name...

Crystal Ball

Oh my goodness this looks so beautiful! I adore birds so I love how they are incorporated in your artwork.

I'll be going to a family party this weekend and hopefully finding some time to relax a bit. Have a wonderful weekend!

Julie M.

Sweet things, just like you! Have a beautiful weekend, Jeanne!

: )

Julie M.


Jeanne, your fabric flowers are the sweetest thing!!! i love them...i hope you have a lot of fun at SB!!!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Love what you made for Silver Bella. Have a great weekend with your buddy!


wow....they look incredible!!!
dont forget your fans back home

have a blast
i LOVED wicked!!!

Shelly Steffy

I love your work, you are amazing!! Have fun at Silver Bella, and especially have fun at Wicked. I saw it with a girlfriend last year and it is GREAT!
Wish we could hang out and Mod Podge again sometime!!!I miss hearing all your funny quips!Take care my "Luscious" friend!


i love your sneak peeks.
your work is very inspirational.
your weekend plans sound wonderful. i love Colorado. i haven't had a chance to see Wicked yet.

the domestic fringe

Those are beautiful. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

the wild raspberry

have a great weekend jeanne.
your creations are darling.
thanks for your prayers~


absolutely beautiful jeanne. those will fly off the shelves at bella. have a wonderful weekend!!! i am going to be farming and editing. love it!


I love your artwork! Just sooo beautiful and inspirational. I hope your weekend is a blast!

Nicole@Farmgirl Chaos

Fantastic pieces. Thanks for sharing. After reading your details about camp as well as some others, I am hoping to make it there next year. I love seeing how you all are now benefiting from it, because we get to enjoy it as well.
God bless!

Tricia Whisler

Oh Jeanne, you've gone and done it again, they are beautiful!!! Your talent simply amazes me! Have fun in Denver! I want to see Wicked sooooo badly!


well... I've already gushed about how amazingly talented you are!!! LOVE these! Love your style girl! I can't wait to see your booth from silver bella! It's going to be awesome!

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