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June 04, 2009


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I love your ribbon!! It's so you!! It's really great! Enjoy the farm chicks weekend. Can't wait to hear all about it.




oh how perfectly you!!!
i love it
have a blast


oh how fun!!! love it! can't wait to "read" all about it! :-)


Have a great time Jeanne! Cute badge too!
Thanks for the b-day wishes!!


we were wondering how we would know it's you...but..
thank goodness for the badge!


Hi! I didn't know you were going! If you would like to meet up with some more bloggers, email me at lakeliving4@msn.com. I can't wait too! Melaine

Chasity Heck

love your badge!
have fun...give tara a big hug for me ;)
i'll be praying for a safe trip for you
AGAIN! sheeesh.

Molly @ Star Cottage

It's Just perfect and absolutely beautiful. I love your badge. I'm sure you will wear it quite well, and look just lovely in whatever you wear. I am so happy for you. I hope you have a blast.


Look at you!! I haven't even started packing yet and you're making a badge!! Very impressive. I don't think I've ever been so "unready" for a trip! See you tomorrow!

laurie - magpie ethel

Will look for you and your badge. Am so excited to hit the show!


That is so gorgeous and I am so jealous that you are going to something like that! How cool:) Have a safe trip!


love your badge...it is so cute...have lots of fun, and a safe trip!!!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

LOVE your badge, Jeanne. I think it's just perfect! Have loads of fun with all your blogging gal pals at the Farm Chicks!


Have fun sweetie! I adore that badge. I'm not going anywhere but I just might have to make myself one too. I'll pin it to my bag. What a great conversation starter at the grocery store. Business!


your badge is perfect! have fun on your trip!

Elaine Power

Hi Jeanne what a cute badge love it have fun meeting all your fellow bloggers! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

A pocket full of posies...

Well! That is just the CUTEST badge EVER!!! simply darling!! (like all your delightful creations!)I hope you have so much fun...so wish I was going...can't wait to hear all about it!
Many Blessings!

Lori Oles

I am loving everything about these photos!


What?! I wish I would have known...I was there today!


Sounds like it would have been a blast!! Your ribbon was great!

Sara Duckett

OMFG! I LOVE this ribbon!!!!!!!!!!!! ;o)

I also LOVE your purty new "about me" photo. You rock, sista!


Oh I LOVE that you made a badge how GREAT!!!
Can't wait to hear about it all!!


What a great ribbon! I know you are going to have a great time at Farm Girls. Wish it wasn't on the other end of the country from me. I look forward to reading about your adventures, and meeting you this fall at Silver Bella!



that is beautiful!

have a wonderful time and take lots of pics!


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